JOHN STEPHEN SKELTON MBE (8th July 1923 – 26th November 1999) was a British sculptor and letter-cutter whose work embraced a range of disciplines including stone and wood carving, heraldry, calligraphy and metalwork.

This exhibition celebrates John Skelton's innovative approach to Alphabet and lettering design and explores the large variety of commissions he produced.

Works on display represent significant pieces of sculpture and examples of lettering on stone and slate, many of which relate to the artist’s extensive catalogue of Public and Royal Commissions.

The exhibition guides visitors through the development of John Skelton’s work; through the presentation of original drawings, rubbings and sketches and supported by maps, posters and 'workshop' photographs taken at the time.

John Skelton's main passions lay with a lifelong exploration of the three dimensions. This exhibition can only pay a passing homage to his extensive body of work. However, we hope that you will get a strong sense of the boundless innovation running throughout and be inspired to discover more.

We are indebted to the East Sussex Archive office “The Keep” for assistance, advice and conservation.