EXHIBITION: Innovative Forms – the lettering of John Skelton

HOSTED BY: The Lettering Arts Trust

wall hanging.png

This is the first exhibition dedicated to John’s lettering since he died in 1999.



You will see original drawings and sketches, photographs and rubbings, and several examples of cut lettering in stone. 

The exhibition demonstrates John Skelton’s constant playfulness based on the rules of the Roman alphabet, calligraphy and his knowledge of 3D forms, showing strong letter forms in both capitals, lower case and italics. 


The exhibition presents the stories of 5 key pieces told through photographs, original drawings or rubbings, supporting sketches and documentation.  

_6150900 Stevenage Mural 1972.png

LEFT: Lettering, oil on canvas, 1972.

ABOVE: Mural made for Stevenage Hospital, worked copper on leather background. Now lost. 1972.

“This exhibition is an opportunity to get to know the variety and extent of the work of John Skelton and to understand him as an innovator”   HM Skelton.

The exhibition has been curated by Jonathan Skelton, Helen Mary Skelton and Natalie Oborn.